About Us

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My name is Mandy Ferguson, founder of The ESL Connection.  My story is pretty simple. I am a busy wife, mother and registered nurse that now teaches English online to Chinese students, ages 4-14.  When I joined VIPKID almost a year ago, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to make some extra money working just a few hours each week.  I knew that I could utilize my pediatric nursing experience to become an effective ESL teacher, because I basically teach kids all day, every day.  I also knew VIPKID does not require a certain number of classes be taught each month and I could still travel and teach as long as I had a good WIFI connection.  What I did not know was just how much I would come to love being an online ESL teacher.  I love seeing my regular students and hearing about their adventures.  I love watching them make a connection with our language and then starting to excel.  I also love our unique community of online teachers, vastly different in educational backgrounds and life experiences, but united by a common affection for what we do.  

The ESL Connection was established as a platform from which to share my creative talents with the online ESL community.  It's my way of giving back for all the inspiration and encouragement I've received.  Our mission is to be an all-inclusive resource, providing a unique shopping experience combined with free resources to equip online ESL teachers for success.  We'd also like to provide a healthy dose of encouragement and creative inspiration to help everyone KEEP GOING! 

Currently we offer custom T-shirts and will soon add hoodies, double-walled tumblers, creative classroom decor and props.  Here at The ESL Connection, we embrace creativity and would love to partner with other teachers to create or allocate items that have been hard to find through the typical internet search.  Send your ideas and suggestions to hello@theeslconnection.com.  We would love to hear from you!  


be original. be creative. be inspired.